This page will give an overview of activities of UK undercover officers abroad, as well as foreign agents visiting the UK. It will also have the results of our research into informal groups and secret EU cooperation in spying on activists.

First profile up is the one on the European Cooperation Group on Undercover Activities

The European Co-operation Group on Undercover Activities (ECG-UA) is an informal police network which facilitates the co-ordination and exchange of undercover police across Europe. Its areas of concern include of political dissent and organised crime. It came to light following questions by MP Andrej Hunko to the German Parliament about the activities of UK undercover officer Mark Kennedy in that country, though still little is known of it.

Mark Kennedy abroad

The role of UK undercover officer Mark Kennedy was raised at the ECG 2011 meeting after his exposure in late 2010. Kennedy’s first known overseas operation began with a visit to German in 2004, which happens to be in months following the creation of the ECG-UA’s ‘Memorandum of Understanding’. Not much later, in 2005, five German undercovers were seconded to the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPIOU – Kennedy’s unit) to police the G8 protests at Gleneagles – where Kennedy was also active. Kennedy also spend
time in Denmark, another ECG-UA country, first visiting in January 2007.

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