Undercover Profiles

The profiles of undercover officers, their supervisors and the units involved can be found at the Undercover Research Portal (hosted at Powerbase.info). This page has an overview of the profiles that have been added to the site, and the ones we are working on.

Exposed undercover officers, profiled at our portal:

  1. Andy Coles a.k.a. Andy ‘Van’ Davey
  2. Bob Lambert a.k.a. Bob Robinson
  3. Carlo Neri (alias)
  4. Gary R. & Abigail L (full aliases withheld)
  5. John Dines a.k.a. John Barker
  6. John Graham (alias)
  7. Lynn Watson (alias)
  8. Mark Jenner a.k.a. Mark Cassidy
  9. Marco Jacobs (alias)
  10. Mark Kennedy a.k.a. Mark Stone
  11. Matt Rayner (alias)
  12. Mike Chitty a.k.a. Mike Blake
  13. N81 the undercover who spied on the Lawrence family.
  14. RC (full alias withheld)
  15. Rod Richardson (alias)
  16. Roger Pearce a.k.a. Roger Thorley
  17. Rick Gibson (alias)
  18. Simon Wellings (alias)

Adrian Radford a.k.a. Ian Farmer (corporate spy, also working for the police)

To be profiled:

  1. Peter Francis a.k.a. Peter Daley / Pete Black
  2. Jason Bishop (alias)
  3. Jim Boyling a.k.a. Jim Sutton
  4. Douglas Edwards
  5. Mike Ferguson