UPDATE: Southampton University and Special Branch

Peter Salmon / Undercover Research Group
6 July 2015

In April we wrote about how Hampshire Special Branch had put pressure on Southampton University to cancel an academic conference on Israel. We highlighted this as it was evidence of ongoing political policing and blacklisting through the back-door – in particular through the Government’s PREVENT counter-terrorism strategy. PREVENT, as we have demonstrated elsewhere, is merely Special Branch in another guise.

So it is was of interest that in the same week the latest bout of counter-terrorism legislations commences, requiring educational establishments take up political policing against radicals and ‘extremism’, Hampshire Police also responded to our FOIA about the Southampton University – Special Branch meetings.

It seems we were right in our assertion that one of those meeting with the head of security for Southampton University was no less than the head of Hampshire Special Branch, Scott Chilton. Chilton is Head of the Joint Operational Unit between Hampshire Police and Thames Valley Police forces, where he has command of Special Branch and Covert Policing, and someone we suspect of having involvement in other covert police actions against animal rights activists in this time. Continue reading