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Much of our work investigating undercover policing over the past few years has been done on a shoestring budget. That needs to change now. We need you to enable investigations into  serious suspicions of infiltration and to map out the backgrounds of political policing.


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The Undercover Research Group is a small network of investigative activists. We support campaigners who think they may have been infiltrated. We profile undercover officers who have been found out, and we map the network of their supervisors, so that those responsible can be held to account. We encourage people to engage with the Pitchford Inquiry, as we think the Inquiry is the best opportunity so far to find out more about the undercover spying operations and political policing over the past 40 years in the UK. If nothing else, it offers the opportunity to keep the pressure on and to increase public awareness of the unaccountable, unregulated and unscrupulous activities of Britain’s undercover police spies.

We collaborate with a number of groups, Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance, Netpol and Police Spies Out of Lives in particular, fighting for justice for people affected by political policing. The Undercover Research Group delivers the tools for campaigning, the evidence to make a case for transparency and disclosure.

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  2. As a psychotherapist I can only imagine the harm done to people who interacted with spycops or are sired by them and yet these citizens lack power against the vast resources of the state. I have donated as research will help fix this balance and help empower people to make sense of the confusing things that have happened to them.

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