The Undercover Research Group endeavours to ensure that all material published is fully sourced and checked as far as possible. We base our articles on knowledge that is in the public domain or through communications / interviews with people directly involved in matters. We understand that this is not an infallible process, that reports are not always accurate and that people’s memories, especially of events decades old, may not always be fully reliable. However, all information we present is done in good faith and seeks to as accurate as possible within limitations. Where-ever possible, we will give the origin of our material, though in some cases we will have to anonymise contributions for the safety and ongoing well-being of the individuals involved.

We will correct errors where they are brought to our attention. However, we draw a distinction between errors of fact, and those places were we consider it valuable to draw inferences and statements of opinion based on our study of matters relating to spying on protest and political movements by the police. While unpalatable to some, we feel it important that questions and issues are raised and matters discussed. Where we express our own points of view in postings, were possible we shall draw the readers’ attention to this.

This may not always be possible for guest articles and we issue the general disclaimer that their opinions remain exclusively those of of the author.
We are clear that our politics are left wing and our group is based within left-wing activism. We remain committed to the principle that protest and political movements should not be spied on by the police. However, we also understand that to get a full overview, this may mean talking to individuals of very different political stripes, or of very dubious actions. This does not mean we endorse their political viewpoints or are compromising our own.

We understand that many of the issues are sensitive on a very personal level – many of those affected by spycops are our friends. We will endeavour to respect this and not public material that will cause further pain. As part of this we shall focus our work on the general structure of groups rather than individuals within political protests groups as far as possible, though it will not always be avoidable. We will however, hold those in power to account and make no apology for publishing the identity of those whose decisions and/or roles have contributed to the pain and wrongful convictions of those targeted by undercover police officers such as Bob Lambert and Mark Kennedy.

Because of the sensitivity of some of the material and the need to ensure that some phrasing is absolutely correct, we will not issue our material under any creative licence that permits modification of the text.