Campaigners need help in fight for justice in Scotland

An outrageous aspect of the Undercover Policing Inquiry is that it will not examine the activities of undercover police officers in Scotland. This despite their presence there on numerous occasions being well established, including in relationships with those they were targeting. We at the Undercover Research Group have worked to help show the extent to which this happened and firmly believe that it is vital that the presence of spycops in Scotland needs to be investigated if the full truth is to come out.

Campaigners in Scotland have been successful in getting permission for a judicial review about the exclusion of Scotland from the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference. However, despite this, the Scottish Legal Aid Board is refusing the necessary funding for this to continue. So, they are asking people to contact the Scottish Justice Minister, Michael Matheson, to get the legal aid decision reversed, and need all our help in this. Please go here for more information and to send Matheson an email on this matter.

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