‘Was my friend a spycop?’ publication now out

A guide to the do’s and don’t’s of investigating if a comrade was an undercover police officer is released today,

In this 24 page booklet, we have brought together all the lessons we have learned to help you do your own investigation.

It covers how to start investigating and the sorts of questions that need answering. Equally importantly, we discuss how to support each other or deal with situations which are inconclusive. It takes you through the process step by step, so even if you have already started your own investigation there is help with what to do once you have come to a conclusion.

Supporting each other

Almost every activist asks at some point or another if one of their friends, colleagues, comrades was an undercover police officer. It is an unpleasant situation, but increasingly likely as more and more information comes out of the Undercover Policing Public Inquiry. However, in the last few years we have developed considerable experience in how to approach such situations.

Recently we have learned that there are 50 plus NPOIU police undercovers alone from 1999 to 2010. This is a much higher number than previously estimated, and one we do not take lightly. It is far more likely that most of us who were active in that period had an undercover close by than had previously been thought, with more painful shocks are to come.

Given what we know of their abusive behaviour when targeting campaigners, we need to take care we do not perpetuate the damage done by the state. This means we have to look after our friends and making sensitive decisions. Such work is not trivial and we hope that our publication will help you navigate these tricky waters. In particular, we set out lists of things to watch out for and tips on how to support each other better.

250You can download a copy of Was My Friend a Spycop. It’s free, but we invite you to make a donation or become a regular supporter of our work.

Hard copies are available for £2. (inc. p&p)

As ever, if you do have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. While we are having to focus on Undercover Policing Inquiry related activity at the moment, we are happy to help where we can.

Thanks to the numerous people who commented and strengthened the work, Carrie for her artwork and Footprint for printing.

2 thoughts on “‘Was my friend a spycop?’ publication now out

  1. I’m enquiring about an undercover welfare office, Marc Francis/Thomas, shoulder number U1700 TSG aged 55 now retired, d.o.b. 29/9/1961,

  2. Dear Yvonne,
    thanks for your email. I am not entirely sure what you want to know, but please understand that we are only working on a specific subsection of undercover officers, from special units. Unfortunately, we are only few, and we can’t help with any other inquiries…

    Kind regards,
    eveline lubbers

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