Upcoming Roundtables: Leeds, Manchester & Liverpool

Undercover Research Group are hosting a series of roundtables in the north of England for those who encountered spycops or have strong suspicions that they were.

These are roundtables for people in to come together to discuss their experiences and learn more about how different groups are fighting back against #spycops, including through the upcoming Pitchford Inquiry. These events are open to people from across the broad left spectrum, justice campaigners, animal rights activists, environmentalists, etc. who encountered undercovers or who have suspicions that they were targeted by them in some way. If you are thinking of coming, please get in touch. It is hosted by the Undercover Research Group and supported by the Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance. It is closed to the media, and we ask people to respect the fact that people may be sharing quite personal stories and to keep this a safe space.

For more information see our Invitation: Were you targeted by undercover police?.

Leeds: Tuesday, 15th March at Oblong @ 7pm

Manchester: Wednesday, 16th March at MERCi @ 7pm

Liverpool: Thursday, 17th March at CASA Bar @ 7pm

Let us know if you are coming or if you have any questions, do get in touch, or follow us on Twitter and DM.

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