Breakthrough ruling: #spycops defence down the drain!

Eveline Lubbers / Undercover Research Group
26 March 2015
A breakthrough ruling in the Marco Jacobs case: The police will not contest that Jacobs was an undercover officer, nor require the claimants to prove he was. If the claimants are awarded damages then the Met, South Wales Police & the Association of Chief Police Officers will be liable.

The ruling was made on 25 March 2015 in the High Court case of Welsh activists who were spied on by Jacobs to get the Met’s obstructive ‘Neither Confirm Nor Deny’ tactic struck out. Here’s the full order from the hearing (stretching the English language to it’s limits, as @tombfowler said). Text agreed by both sides.

, the lawyer of the Welsh activists tweeted his comments:

After today’s order is less easy for to rely on as a “defence’ to legal challenges.

It seems clear after today that there is yet another way around what police maintain is an inviolable policy!

Jacobs was named with a photo in the mainsteam media more than four years ago. Everyone knows he was a police officer. The ruling shows that the use of NCND is simply the Met trying to avoid accountability using any tactic they can.

For more background, read our Marco Jacobs profile including a timeline of Jacobs’ five years undercover.