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Mark Jenner, alias Mark Cassidy, was an undercover officer who was deployed against left wing groups in North London from 1995-2000, though was most active in the period 1995-99. He worked as part of the Metropolitan Police’s Special Demonstration Squad and much of his infiltration would have served under the supervision of its then head of operations Bob Lambert. His targets were a number of groups based around the Colin Roach Centre, particularly union organising and anti-fascism. It is also believed that some of his work was to monitor groups and individuals who had potential sympathies with Irish republicanism.

He was publicly outed in 2011, and this reached national interest in 2013 when his former partner “Alison” testified before a Home Affairs Select Committee accompanied by an expose in the Guardian.The Metropolitan Police have maintained the position of neither confirming or denying that he was deployed by them.

N.B. Part of the story of Mark Jenner’s deployment – his work with Red Action – is missing. If you are able to help us, even if it is filling in background material from the time, we are keen to hear from you. Likewise, if encountered Jenner as Mark Cassidy and have recollections of him and his activities, we are also interested in hearing from you.

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